Backflow Prevention

Cameron from CRG Plumbing is a fully accredited and qualified backflow prevention specialist, and can provide a comprehensive backflow prevention service throughout the Sydney area.

By law, boundary backflow prevention devices must be checked annually by a qualified and licensed plumber.

backflow-prevention-testingBackflow occurs when water from a customer’s property flows backwards into our pipes. This may carry contaminants that can harm people’s health.

Backflow is more likely to occur if:

  • there’s a drop in pressure in the main, eg during a main break
  • water pressure at the property is higher than at the main, eg if a pump is operating on the site.

Backflow prevention devices ensure our water supply isn’t contaminated from hazards on a customer’s property.

backflow-prevention-crgplumbingThey stop water in a customer’s water pipe flowing back into our water main.

Strong plumbing regulations and Plumbing and Drainage Standards are in place to protect our potable water supply from contamination which can occur when chemicals and other contaminants are drained back into our water distribution system.

We can carry out the following services for you

  • Annual backflow prevention testing, inspections and maintenance reports
  • Installation of backflow prevention devices/valves selected in compliance with  Australian Standards




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