Water Efficiency Certification Service

CRG Plumbing & Maintenance offer a certification service for all properties who need to watersavingdevicecomply with the new regulations.

Our service


  • Full investigation of the property to determine all required taps meet the water efficiency standards.
  • Upon completion, we will provide you and the landlord a certificate of compliance for your files.
  • Automated reminder every 12 months to stay compliant.


Additional Services

Occasionally whilst onsite investigating, we may discover further devices that may need to be installed and or leaks and plumbing issues that need to be fixed or rectified. This could include the installation of new taps or devices.

No additional work will be carried out unless given the correct authority from either the landlord, real estate agent or property manager.

Book now to get certified.

If you would like to know more or to book us in to carry out your next Water Efficiency Certification call us now on (02) 4656 4064 or email our office now here.

Read More about the latest regulations and requirements.

More information to understand why it’s so important to comply with the new regulations can be found in our blog post all about Water Efficiency Certification Requirements.

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