Preventative Maintenance

CRG Plumbing & Maintenance can carry out preventative maintenance in your home and business to avoid any disruptions to your plumbing or gas services. It may also help to prolong your appliances and devices.

Results of all checks are presented to the client in a detailed report summary which will advise if further action is required.

Here are some of the preventative maintenance solutions CRG Plumbing & Maintenance can provide for you:

Eye Washes Units

  • Test and record flow rate
  • Ensure temperature is tepid


Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Check & test for correct operation
  • Check all associated valves & connections for leaks
  • Ensure area is clear of obstructions & has easy access


Thermostatic Mixing Valves

  • Check delivery water temperature and record
  • Perform a thermal shut off test
  • Check condition and operation of device.

Emergency Showers

  • Test and record flow rate
  • Ensure proper operation of system


Roof/Flashings/Gutters & Downpipes

  • Check for damage, foreign matter and fittings
  • Check all flashing for condition, integrity and correct fixings
  • Check condition of gutters and downpipes including joints, pops, mitres and fixings for leaks, corrosion or damage
  • Remove leaves and other matter from gutters and downpipes

Hot Water Units

  • Check condition and operation of all safety valves, devices and all relevant parts
  • Check unit for damages or leaks
  • Check delivery water temperature


Chilled / Boiling Water Units

  • Check condition and operation of unit and tap
  • Replace filters

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