Rinnai Hot Water System

Rinnai hot water systems are very well respected in the industry, and for good reason. Rinnai has been manufacturing appliances for both businesses and homes since 1920. They are regarded as one of the most reputable manufacturers of gas water heaters.

These water systems can be custom-made to meet the requirements of the client. They provide a variety of heating choices, including LPG, electricity, natural gas, and many others.

The Rinnai hot water system includes a gas-heated super heating pipe that offers instant hot water anytime and for as long as you need it.

Why choose CRG for Rinnai hot water systems?

CRG Plumbing & Maintenance services are experts who also work with electrical and gas water heating systems in addition to emergency plumbing and repair. We provide and install a wide choice of high-efficiency water heating systems, ranging from 5 to 7 stars.

Rinnai hot water system

CRG is a leading Rinnai hot water system reseller who provides hassle-free services to the following areas:

  • Western Sydney
  • South Western Sydney
  • Inner West
  • Parramatta
  • Macarthur

If you live in these locations and need a hot water system installed, CRG Plumbing & Maintenance is only a phone call away.

Rinnai FAQs

Is Rinnai made in Australia?

Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Rinnai Japan Corporation. Rinnai Australia is a leading provider of hot water heating and cooling equipment in homes and businesses. The company has manufacturing facilities located in Victoria, South Australia, Japan and around the world.

What is the cost of a Rinnai?

The cost for a Rinnai hot water heater ranges from $1800, which can include installation as well as removal of your existing hot water heater.

How long do Rinnai hot water systems last?

How long a hot water heater lasts depends on a lot of different things. For example, where it is installed, is it out in the elements, how much it gets used, how often it gets serviced, the quality of the water supply, the model of Rinnai you have, and warranty. We have replaced Rinnai hot water heaters that have been in service for nearly 20 years old.

Does Rinnai Infinity 26 have a pilot light?

The Rinnai Infinity 26 does not have a pilot light because it uses an electronic ignition system.

Why does my Rinnai gas heater keep turning off?

There are a few reasons your Rinnai keeps turning off. For example, it could be low water flow or low gas pressure. Please make sure you call your local plumber to determine the problem.

Does Rinnai B26 need power?

Yes, your Rinnai B26 needs power to run the electronic ignition, fan and other components. Even though you do need electricity, the power consumption is quite low.

Is Rinnai Infinity 26 gas or electric?

Rinnai Infinity 26 uses gas to heat the water, but needs electricity to ignite the gas and run the fan and electrical components.

Is Rinnai hot water good?

Rinnai hot water heaters are a great heater, and we have been installing these heaters for over 10 years. We highly recommend Rinnai as one of our most trusted brands.

Please call us at 02 4656 4064 and one of our expert professionals will assist you in deciding on, purchasing, and installing the water heating system that best suits your needs at your home or workplace.

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