Plumbing Tip – Hot Water Heater Maintenance

When will you know it’s time to replace your Hot Water Heater?

Everyone can appreciate hot water. leakinghotwaterheater-crgplumbing

Whether it’s for the nice warm shower or bath or simple hot water to clean dishes, it is a necessity.

So it’s no doubt that when there is no hot water in the house or office, it can create some tension and stress.

To avoid waking up or having to deal with no hot water, we encourage everyone to monitor their hot water system.

Generally, most water heaters that are more than 10 years old should be considered for replacement.

Things to look out for on your hot water heater system are; brownwater-plumbing

  • Is your tank leaking?
  • Can you hear a rumbling noise?
  • Is the water coming out brown or discolored?

It is recommended that if any of these issues are occurring it’s time to contact your local plumber like CRG Plumbing & Maintenance.

When your due for a replacement, your plumber should ask you a range of questions to ensure they are supplying you with the most appropriate system for your premises.hotwaterservice-cgplumbing

  • Is your system electric, gas or solar?
  • How many people does this cater for?
  • How large is your premises?
  • Do you have a brand preference?

There are a wide range of hot water systems available that could lower your energy bill plus reduce the amount of greenhouse gas you produce.

Both the heating method and the size of your hot water system could have an effect on how much you pay each quarter.

Rely on your plumber to suggest the best option for you.

The sooner you action any concerns, the less likely you will be left with no hot water when you least expect it.

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