Plumbing Tip – Know where your main valves are.

Main valve locations and why it’s important for you to know where they are.  

In the event you have an emergency issue including leaks or burst pipes, be sure to take the time to know where your main shut off valves are located.

This will help to avoid unnecessary damage, stress and wastage until a licensed plumber arrives.

Ask yourself, if your business premises or home has a major water leak suddenly, what would you do? We advise that you plan and prepare before such an event occurs.

After reading this post, do some research and go hunting for your main shut off valves in your premises. This way you will know where to go if and when the time comes that water is sprouting from somewhere.

The Main Shut Off Valve

The first thing that you should look for is the main shut-off valve. This is the valve that supplies the entire water system in your premises. In most cases, there are two main shut-offs. One connected with the building plumbing system and other one attached to the water meter.  Locating each of the two requires different approaches.

The first valve connects to the entire water plumbing system. Shutting off the meter will cut off the entire water supply to your home or business. To locate this valve  you can consider the following;

  • Check the perimeter: In most cases, the valve will be anywhere near the perimeter of the house. It’s mostly attached to the wall of the house.
  • Ground Level: The structure and the location of your house can provide an idea of the valve’s location. If you are in a basement house, look at an eye level or above. If on a ground level house or floor, the valve must be anywhere on the floor – look down.
  • Path of Least Resistance: if you can spot the water meter, all you need is to take the path of least resistance. Water lines always take the shortest distance to the house, and that’s why you should follow this path. Where the line meets your house, the valve is likely to be there.
  • Check inspection report: Get hold of the latest inspection reports if carried out or simply ring your regular plumber and ask them.

The second valve is the one at your water meter If main shut-off valve within the house can’t be spotted, locating the main shut off valve with the meter should be as a last resort. This is located outside.

Don’t forget the individual valves.

After locating and shutting off the main valves, the next stop should be the individual valves in the business or house. Take a tour of your appliances and fixtures to find their individual shut off valves. sinkshutoffvalve-plumbing

  • Sinks have their valves located right beneath the sink or inside the cabinet if there is any.
  • Toilet, shower and bathtub valves are easy to spot on the walls -they are mostly attached to the water line.
  • For appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, their valves might be hidden behind them.

Once you know where you shut off valves are, you are likely to be calmer, determine any hazards and risks clearly and act accordingly and prevent any major damage to the premises.

Leave the rest to the experts. Call a fully insured and licensed plumber, explain the situation and wait for them to offer any further instructions before their arrival.

If you need a plumber for your business, be sure to contact us here at CRG Plumbing & Maintenance to assist.

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