Plumbing Tip – Be proactive with your plumbing maintenance.

How proactive are you with preventing major plumbing issues arising in your business property?

When you engage in a plumber to carry out services, be sure to have a quarterly preventative plumbing maintenance plan and checklist done. This will help to prevent any major issues arising that could cost your business money, downtime and stress for both you are your clients.

Things that will be carried out on a preventative maintenance check will be the following 

Active Leaks

An inspection will take place to look out for the key signs of plumbing leaks, including the existence of mildew or mold, water puddles or spots, or moisture. This could mean hidden water leaks. If these are not repaired it could lead to a lot of water wastage and damage to property.

Backflow Prevention testing, installation & servicing.

All large residential buildings and commercial buildings must have backflow prevention mechanisms. Backflow testing must be done annually to prevent contaminated water from flowing back to the main water supply. Your plumber should advise you if this is a requirement for your property.

TMV’s (Thermostatic Mixing Valves) testyourtmv-crgplumbing

Some business premises need to have TMV’s installed. A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding. These are likely to be installed in Healthcare facilities, Child minding centers, Disability and elderly homes or business’s.

Check the drains

Test all the drain lines in the building for their flow rate. Camera inspection should be considered to assess whether then drain lines are infiltrated by tree roots or there’s other obstructions or cracks along the lines

Checking the water pressure

The water pressure in your building should never exceed 500kpa. Water pressure tends to be higher on the lower floors of multi-story buildings and lower on the upper floors. If the water pressure is too low, the residents or tenants will complain. On the other hand, extremely high pressure can damage the plumbing system.

Checking the efficiency of valves

The shutoff and safety valves installed in your building’s plumbing system must be thoroughly tested for efficiency. Any malfunction valves must be replaced. Properly functioning valves make it possible to shut off water supply to specific areas of your building instead of shutting off the entire water supply during an emergency such as a burst pipe.

Signs of rust and corrosionfacilitymaintenancecrgplumbing

Checking for the major signs of rust and corrosion on visible pipes should be carried out. It should also include a check for limescale on shower heads and water taps. If the pipes show significant corrosion, then they’re probably at the final stages damaged and will need replaced.

Inspect the water heater

The hot water heating system requires inspection for leaks and proper temperature. Overflows and safety valves should undergo testing. Any safety issues discovered should be fixed immediately.

Water Efficiency & Certification

Making sure your property is correctly checked for appropriate water efficiency devices and advice and tips given to save water usage charges throughout the building.

If you would like to know more about what is involved in a preventative maintenance checklist, or would like advice on your current service give CRG Plumbing & Maintenance a call to discuss your concerns or requirements.

We offer professional and honest advice and a quality service to ensure we protect your business and property and to keep your mind at ease knowing that your customers are going to be happen with the service they are providing. To get in touch about preventative maintenance servicing email us on or give us a call and talk to a real person on (02) 46564064.



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