Plumbing Tip – Never ignore plumbing leaks

Why you should never ignore plumbing leaks in your business or home premises.

Ignoring Plumbing leaks could be detrimental to your business and home.

These could turn into major plumbing issues and end up costing you money.

Before you can fix leaks, you have to find them.

You should regularly monitor the parts of your business or home that use water. By doing this it help you to

  • identify leaks   
  • establish a water balance for your business 
  • see water use patterns.commercialplumbing-crgplumbing-leakingpipes

You may like to conduct a water audit on a regular basis, monthly or bi-monthly to ensure there is no water wastage.

Things you could include in your audit could be the following.

  • checking existing plant, equipment and plumbing
  • reviewing water use history by checking your meter and past bills to see overall water use patterns
  • installing extra monitoring including data loggers or bringing existing meters and sub meters online
  • reviewing hydraulic plans that show where your water, wastewater and storm water pipes are
  • reviewing both operational processes and maintenance procedures
  • talking to staff about leaks they may have seen and ideas to save water.commercialplumbing-plumbingleak

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